© Paul Duke

© Paul Duke

At Sea - Photographic exhibition by Paul Duke

2nd November 2013 to 5th January 2014

Early in 2009, Paul Duke set out to photograph the men and women working in the Moray Firth fishing community on the North East coast of Scotland.

With the industry in sharp decline, fishing vessels being decommissioned to preserve diminishing fish stocks, local communities like the Moray Firth are facing significant economic and social challenges.  With six people employed on shore for every fisherman at sea the implications are clear – Paul’s response was to record the workers of what may be Scotland's last core industry.

The portraits he produced document the dignity of a way of life and celebrate the legacy of the individuals who sustain that culture in our present, despite the waning of the industry that originally nurtured it.

The portraits were all shot on location using a portable studio set-up in harbours, shipyards, factories and sheds.  By the end of 2012 he had amassed in the region of one hundred portraits. 

By capturing these individuals at this critical time in this community, the portraits chronicle the changing face of a generation in flux.  

When: Thursday - Sunday 11am to 4pm

Admission: Normal admission price to Duff House applies £7.10 for adults £4.30 child and £5.70 concessions.

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